Zodiac Inflatable Tender Boats

With their welded structure, the Zodiac light tenders offer a unique stability and an astonishing load capacity.

With over 80 years of boat building experience, Zodiac is the most recognised name in the inflatable boat industry. They were the world's first inflatable boat and have been around since 1934 and are still going strong. There are many Zodiac imitators, but only one genuine Zodiac.

The modern inflatable was invented independently by the Zodiac airship company in France. This was brought about by the development of rubber-coated fabrics that had initially been used in the airship industry. By constantly finding room for inovation throughout the company's history, their boats today offer superior safety and legendary toughness capable of withstanding the most demanding environments. 

Zodiac are globally recognised with incomparable quality and are backed by an international warranty. 


Zodiac is known and recognized by professional experts as a partner of prestigious events and has won numerous awards.

Join the Zodiac community, the brand that has already won the hearts of over a million owners!

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There are 12 footballers in this Zodiac boat, and it is capable of carrying more or manoeuvring, without taking water. This is because the buoyancy of a Zodiac boat is far greater than that of a traditional boat, giving it a higher loading capacity.


The stability of a Zodiac boat thanks to its large buoyancy tubes which give it a low center of gravity, is such that under normal circumstances they are practically impossible to capsize. This quality, which is essential to safe confident navigating, is especially appreciated by drivers and fishermen.


Storing a boat when not used can be difficult at times. Garage space may be limited, and transporting a fiberglass vessel requires a trailer and/or large vehicle. Because of the inflatable tube and collapsible floor of a Zodiac, many of our boats are able to be stored on a shelf or in a closet and transported in the trunk of a car. Our larger RIBs require less power to tow, as they are much lighter than the traditional fiberglass boat.


Running a Zodiac boat requires smaller outboards than conventional boats to provide better performance thus saving you money when on the water. Their maintenance is straightforward and their resale is relatively easy with good residual prices, hence costing less when out of the water. With Zodiac, boating can be economical.


Zodiac Nautic selects with care the materials that constitute its boats, following strict, nonstandard functional specifications. Zodiac Nautic is probably the only manufacturer to subject its new boats to a battery of tests in navigation in extreme conditions. Be sure of it, your Zodiac boat will follow you everywhere and for a long time to come.



The inflatable boat consists of a floor, transom, fittings, and the tube. These iconic tubes make up a considerable portion of the entire boat, and are filled with air, resulting in a lighter boat. In fact, a Zodiac can be up to 3 times lighter than a comparable fiberglass boat, making transporting easier and more efficient.


Which tender for your boat?

Choosing the perfect tender for your boat and the kind of sailing you expect to be undertaking, is an essential part of your preparation. There are many points to consider: length and capacity of course, but also the size of the storage bag, overall weight, floor type, etc. 


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