Adding A Motor to The Blackfoot Kayaks

There are a couple of options to add a motor to a Blackfoot Kayak.

Option 1) Many people have added trolling motor mount using the already included and attached Scotty Mounts located behind the seat. You would need an "L" shaped piece (aluminium maybe) extending across the cockpit from one side to the other, and extending out about 10" on one side of the boat. The extended side is where you mount the trolling motor. It's reasonably simple to bolt that crossbrace down to the 2x Scotty mounts on each side tube, behind the seat using 4x 1/4-20 x SS pan head screws. You just want to make certain not to 'overset' the screws going into the Scotty fittings because that can cause leaks. For 2021+ our Scotty fittings cannot be overset, but up until now, they can.

Option 2) Because the Blackfoot uses a US fin box, it's also possible to use a fin-mounted e-motor. We have the Aqua Marina Bluedrive S, K & Pro.

This is not a ‘horsepower’ rating.  Aquaglide kayaks are not built for any horsepower-rated external motor. We have relayed some of the creative retrofits that some of our customers have added to their kayaks. We do this because small, light e-motors are not only affordable and widely available, but also have created something of a niche segment of watercraft. We receive many inquiries about adding these types of aftermarket e-motors to enhance the kayaks.

That said, the power of electric trolling motors is generally listed in pounds of thrust. Since more thrust is needed for trolling larger boats, it’s not common to find the shaft length needed for retrofitting to a kayak (approximately 30 – 36” shaft) with thrust much over 55lbs. There is absolutely no need for a trolling motor larger than 70lb thrust – most appropriately sized shafts will come with 30 – 50 lb thrust motors.

It’s worth staying mindful of the torque involved. A trolling motor will usually be side-mounted on a kayak so it can be controlled from the cockpit. Side-mounting a trolling motor means the thrust from the motor will want to twist to boat slightly. Especially in side-mounted positions, it’s best not to over-do the thrust as it will create issues and not add performance. There are a few center-fin or stern-mounted kayak motors, but they are typically more complicated and more costly.

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