Connelly DV8 Slalom Skis
Connelly DV8 Slalom Skis
Connelly DV8 Slalom Skis

Connelly DV8 Slalom Skis

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    Why Buy From River To Ocean Adventures

    Connelly DV8 Slalom Skis

    ​Humankind’s long storied struggle to negotiate a 6-buoy slalom course faster and with a shorter rope than ever before has run into some physical limitations. Subtle tweaks in ski geometry and construction, which in many cases cannot be seen by the naked eye, is all that has differentiated the myriad of options available on the market. The DV8 ushers in a new era with VersaTail (patent pending) - our new interchangeable tail system that features the ability to alter the geometry in the last inches of your ski. Welcome to a new dimension in fine tuning.

    • VersaTail allows the ability to fine tune the flow of water off the tail of the ski, taking a step beyond the standard fin and binding position adjustments. A change in tail geometry can mean the difference in a ski performing in perfect rhythm with your personal style. Three uniquely shaped VersaTail options are included with each DV8 slalom ski.
    • VT: Connelly’s stock tail shape - designed to offer a balanced tail depth through the turn and across the wake.
    • VS: A square tail shape that adds lift, support, and provides a clean release of water for speed.
    • VR: The round tail lets the ski sit deeper in the water into the turn, adding control at higher speeds for quicker turns and reduced tail blow out.
    • Low density, CNC cut PVC core - A tried and true core material, cut to utter perfection that has proved itself on the top end ski's for years, a high quality material that is lighter and stiffer than it's PU counterpart creating greater feel and response in your ski.
    • 90/10 carbon/fiberglass layup - Carbon is extremely light and super responsive. We combine that with 10% fiberglass which dampens vibration, making slight chop feel like butter and drastically increasing the life of your ski.
    • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology) - Using geometry to influence and control the flex pattern to create a lighter, quicker and steadier ride.
    • Hybrid base - polished tip, micro-textured tail
    • Speed V-Tech - V-Tech adapted for a faster moving ski. Curves in the “V” shaped steps disrupt more flow in the centre of the tunnel and less along the edge. This reduces overall drag while maintaining edge hold.
    • Wide tunnel - This tunnel design leaves an extremely narrow flat spot between the edge of the tunnel and the bevel of the ski. The effect is a ski that actively seeks to be on edge and is most useful for experienced skiers and buoy chasers that have above average ski control.
    • Viper 2.0 – Forget having to tap and move your fin only to have those perfect setting lost whilst tightening the screws, the Viper 2.0 lets you accurately adjust the tolerances getting you closer to that new PB.
    • Variable bevel - A sharper bevel through to the front binding of the ski that transitions to a round bevel in the tail, allows to provide lift and speed in the tip across the wash, while the tail provides suction for tight turns for the apex of your cut or around the buoy