Jobe Prophecy Kneeboard D/Strap - River To Ocean Adventures
Jobe Prophecy Kneeboard D/Strap - River To Ocean Adventures
Jobe Prophecy Kneeboard D/Strap - River To Ocean Adventures

Jobe Prophecy Kneeboard D/Strap

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    Jobe Prophecy Kneeboard D/Strap 

    2020 Prophecy Carbon has gone to the next level! 


    The Prophecy has added Carbon inlays from under the pad running to the tip of the board, this not only adds strength but the boards ability to generate pop off the wakes and absorb the bounce on landings. 


    We have developed a new upgraded ergonomic pad with moulded zones for tibia/fibula and a raised zone at the rear to give support under the legs and take pressure off the ankles.


    We have completely redesigned the Double Locking strap for this year with the introduction of the Snatch strap; New superior material strap and full width Velcro for better contour and holding characteristics.

    The Jobe team utilised everything they’ve learnt from being at the top of the Australian kneeboard market with the  Prophecy design. Built to maximise efficiency, they ditched the outdated symmetrical square shape instead opting for a rounded tail profile that allowed the Prophecy greater edging capability for easier transitions up the wake along with superior edge hold for a railing cut that can be felt in the boat.

    Boosting the rider off the wake for huge aerial tricks has never been easier with the blended three stage rocker and the unique fluted tail that ensures the Prophecy snaps off the wake consistently.

    Landing big out in the flats off the wake has always been a challenge, but with the high-density triple layered kneepad and landing zone along the base that displaces water riders can charge with confidence regardless of conditions.

    Fitted with an inserted  tip the Prophecy can now be fitted with a hook to give riders of all levels the ability to ride and try the Prophecy themselves.


    • Ergonomic Tri-Density Kneepad
    • Carbon Inlay forebody
    • Double locking Snatch Strap
    • Blended 3 Stage Rocker
    • Full Length Base Chimes
    • Locking Rails
    • Landing Zone
    • Fluted Tail
    • Inserted Tip for Additional Hook


    Our mission is to get you on the water. Every day we are working hard to make that happen. And every day we are working hard developing new products to make your life on the water both easier and more fun. Enhancing your performance is what we aim for.
    - Jobe